Ebook Let Us C by Yashavant Kanetkar

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Let Us C has become an important part of my life. I have created and nurtured it for last decade and half. While doing so, I have received, in addition to the compliments, a lot of suggestions from students, developers, professors, publishers and authors. So much have their inputs helped me in taking this book up to its fourteenth edition that
ideally I should put their names too on the cover page.

In particular, I am indebted to Manish Jain who had a faith in this book idea, believed in my writing ability, whispered the words of encouragement and made helpful suggestions from time to time. I hope every author gets a publisher who is as cooperative, knowledgeable and
supportive as Manish.

The Fourteen editions of this book saw several changes and facelifts. During this course many people helped in executing programs and spotting bugs. I trust that with their collective acumen, all the programs in this book would run correctly. I value the work that they did a lot. Any errors, omissions or inconsistencies that remain are, alas, my responsibility.

About Author

Through his books and Quest Video Courseware DVDs on C, C++, Data Structures, VC++, .NET, Embedded Systems, etc. Yashavant Kanetkar has created, moulded and groomed lacs of IT careers in the last two decades. Yashavant’s books and Quest DVDs have made a significant contribution in creating top-notch IT manpower in India and abroad.

Ebook Let Us C
by; Yashavant Kanetkar

Yashavant’s books are globally recognized and millions of students / professionals have benefitted from them. Yashavant's books have been translated into Hindi, Gujarati, Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages. Many of his books are published in India, USA, Japan, Singapore, Korea and China.

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