Another Chance, Best Seller Ebook Novel by Ahmed Faiyaz

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Ebook Novel

Another Chance

Ahmed Faiyaz

About Author

Ahmed Faiyaz grew up in Bangalore and now lives in Dubai. He’s a strategist by profession, with a number of years in management consulting behind him. He is the bestselling author of Love, Life and All That Jazz and Scammed . His stories are also featured in the bestselling Urban Shots series.


In Mumbai

4 October 2009: It wasn’t the most pleasant day to be flying out of the country. There was a storm brewing outside and most roads were flooded. If it wasn’t as early as 4 a.m., Aditya would never have made it to the airport in time. It had been pouring steadily since early evening the previous day and the sky wore a purple-black shade, thundering threateningly. The taxi managed to navigate through water-clogged streets and dropped him off at Terminal C just an hour and a half before the scheduled departure time. To add to this, there was a security alert at the International Airport and there were certainly more eyes watching everyone. Aditya managed to pick up his boarding pass and moved quickly towards the immigration counter to stand in queue. He pondered over the events that had unfolded days and weeks before this planned trip. He stood there wondering if he was doing the right thing. Will I get another chance?

‘Phew, why can’t they just get on with it? We’ve been in this line for thirty minutes. Half the desks are empty with these guys taking long coffee breaks. When will our people change?’ a voice behind him said....

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