Ebook Novel- Breathless by M.V. Kasi

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Ebook - Novel Breathless

M.V. Kasi

This is a Ebook Breathless is fiction Novel. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


This is a fictional romance story. Please proceed with caution as the book contains sexual content, violence, and adult themes that are recommended for mature reading audiences.

Author's Note

This is not an easy story to read. It is a story that will make you angry, confused and frustrated at times. But please keep an open mind and continue to read to enjoy this intense, thrilling and heart-wrenching ride with a thoroughly satisfying happy ending! :)


The doorbell kept ringing. It was followed by a loud banging on the door. Varun knew he couldn’t ignore her like he had been doing for the past week. It would only make her even more determined. That’s how the woman he loved was—stubborn and determined to the core.

As he soon as he opened the door, the sight in front of him hit him like a punch in the stomach. Myra was standing with a heartbroken look with heavy-lidded, red-rimmed eyes. “Let me in, Varun,” she whispered. Her voice was hoarse from shouting those words to him for over a week. He knew very well that she didn’t just mean letting her into his home. She meant she wanted back in his life.

“No,” he said curtly. “I’ve already told you I wanted you gone. Why are you still making a nuisance of yourself?”

“You promised that your heart would always be mine,” she said. Tears streamed slowly out of her eyes as she whispered the next damning words. “You told me you loved me.”

He hardened his resolve. “I already told you I don’t. And that those are the clichéd words spoken by men to score women. Even while I was fucking you, I hooked up with other available women at the club.” Myra looked at him as though he had slapped her. He had not only cheapened their relationship by reducing it to a crude word, but he also broke her trust.

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