Heal Your Back Now - Kundalini Yoga Ebook PDF

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Heal Your Back Now - Kundalini Yoga

Through Emotional Awareness, Affirmations And Kundalini Yoga And Meditation As Taught By Yogi Bhajan
The information and advice given in this book are not intended as a substitute to consulting a qualified health professional. If you have high blood pressure, are overweight, have pre-existing injuries to the spine or joints, you should consult a qualified physician or chiropractor before doing yoga. If you have unresolved emotional issues, consult with a qualified therapist.

The publisher and author are not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences for the use of any of the suggestions or exercises in this book.


I know that intention combined with the power of prayer can work miracles. It is my intention with this system of “Heal your Back Now” to help and guide you to radiant well being. This book is designed to give you an overview of the system and to give you a specific plan of action to follow on your path of wellness. The video is designed to help you with recovery and the maintenance of a healthy back.

A healthy back has always been in the forefront of my consciousness. The reason being is that my Dad had a ‘bad’ back. I remember very clearly as a child that he sometimes had to crawl up our stairs at home to go to bed. The doctors he saw finally gave him what amounted to a full trunk cast. It was a hot and bulky contraption that laced shut. It looked like a cross between a turtle’s shell and an old fashioned lady’s corset. I would help him occasionally by pulling on the laces that closed the cast and enabled him to stand upright and relieve the pain.

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